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Event toolkits and downloads

Choose Freedom ran a number of events throughout the life of the project. Two of these were landmark events - 7 Hills Liverpool and the Tri-Freedom Challenge.

Below are event toolkits which are designed to help local communities organise their own versions of these events or help in the formulation of similar initiatives. Each toolkit contains a step-by-step guide, risk assessments, example press releases and event evaluation reports.

Click the links below to download the various documents.

7 Hills Liverpool

ONE CITY, 7 HILLS, 7 DAYS. A series of 7 walks up (and down) Liverpools 7 hills.



Step by stem guide to & Hills Liverpool

7hills step by step
A step-by-step guide to how we planned and ran the 7 Hills Liverpool event
Project case study

A full case study of the 7 Hills project
Risk Assessments
Risk Assessment

RA blank
Risk Assessment template and a completed example for guidance 
Promotional items
Promo flyer

Promo flyer

7 Hills maps
Fold out map
Single page map
7hills press release

PDFs of the promotional flyer that was used to encourage participation.

A single page print friendly map and the large fold out map that accompanies the 7 Hills walks.

7 Hills press release
Crib sheet - history guide, routes and points of interest
Point of interest
Complete information for the walk leaders detailing the routes and points of interest on each of the 7 walks
Walk register
7hills walk register
A register sheet for participants allowing recording of their completion of each walk

Tri-Freedom Challenge


Step by step guide to Tri-Freedom event
Event guide.pdf
A step-by-step guide to how we planned and ran the Tri-Freedom event
Project case study
Ccase study
A detailed case study of the Tri-Freedom event
Risk Assessments
Public transport

Sample risk assessments for guidance and blank versions for the walk, train journey and cycle ride
Support and admin material
Quiz sheet
Staff briefing
Event register
Some of the support material used on or before the event including a Quiz, Staff briefing document and an Event register
Promotional items
Promo flyer
Tri-Freedom flyer
Press release
Press release
Event publicity
North Liverpool Star
Promotional and marketing items including a flyer, sample press release and event publicity

Event reports

Liverpool Chester ride

liverpool to chester ride report

7 Hills Liverpool

7 hills report

Loop the Loop rides

loop the loop report

Tri-Freedom 2014 report

tri-freedom report

Shop Direct lunchtime rides

lunchtime ride case study

2014 Choose Freedom Conference Presentation

conference presentation 2014


Bike security guide

bike security guide

Survey report - 2013 (Choose Freedom North Liverpool)

survey report 2013

Survey report 2014 - North

survey north 2014

Survey report 2014 - South

survey south 2014