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The Choose Freedom project was commissioned by Liverpool City Council, as part of the Department for Transport’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund.  The project aimed to help local residents overcome travel barriers to work and training opportunities, running alongside various other Merseyside schemes from 2012 – 15.  

As well as providing travel passes and advice for jobseekers, it also launched initiatives to increase active travel – cycling, walking and public transport – focusing on target wards of Everton and Kirkdale in North Liverpool, and Speke/Garston in the south of the city.  These included the annual Speed of Light winter bike ride, Tri-Freedom sustainable transport challenge, and the Seven Hills of Liverpool heritage walks.  

The project worked with many partners including 

  • The Whitechapel Centre in Everton
  • Positive Futures
  • Active Women
  • Speke Training and Education Centre
  • Cycle Speke
  • Garston Urban Village Hall

as well as project sponsors Liverpool City Council and Merseytravel/Travelwise, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and local employers.

Over three and a half years, 1,237 residents were involved in Choose Freedom’s activities, comprising travel advice surgeries, weekly bike rides and walks, skills training as bike mechanics, cycle instructors and ride leaders. Thousands more were exposed to the sustainable travel message through press coverage, local networks, social media and public events.  

A survey in 2014 showed that Choose Freedom’s 6,777 interventions (actions) led to a 40% reduction in car use, doubling of the number of cyclists, and 73 tonnes of CO2 savings per annum.   

Choose Freedom was all about people.   

Although the project is now closed, the website information will remain available until 2017 for the benefit of anyone who wants to increase their awareness, knowledge and skills about sustainable transport and active travel choices. 

Materials are freely available to download. If you have feedback on the site, please contact: 


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